Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Good Space?

A Good Space is a community of changemakers creating immersive experiences to expand perspectives across diverse social issues.

Interested in learning more about social issues in an immersive way? Attend the events put on by our changemakers here:

Curious as to who these changemakers are? See some of their profiles here:

Are you an aspiring changemaker looking to do more good? Learn more about how we can support you here:

Where is A Good Space?

Our dream is for A Good Space to be wherever our changemakers decide to organise their activities! In the meantime, most events at A Good Space currently take place at the National Volunteer Philanthropy Centre. Discussions are in place to bring on other community spaces like The Red Box and corporate spaces like Singapore Post and Johnson & Johnson.

How did A Good Space get started?

A Good Space started in August 2017, when two friends who were deeply concerned about the increasing polarisation of our society and world – whether in race, religion, class or ability, decided to do something.

You can read our full founding story here:

Is A Good Space a social enterprise?

We are currently a not-for-profit social movement and not a registered entity. All our expenses are supported by grants from the Ministry of Community, Culture and Youth and funding from the National Volunteer Philanthropy Centre.

How can I get involved with A Good Space?

You can start to get involved in 3 ways:

1. Volunteer

Volunteer your time and skills to help our Good Starters champion their social causes.

Learn more here:


2. Become a Good Starter

Have a project to create positive social change? Let us support you.

Learn more here:


3. Support with Your Organisation

Have unused venue spaces or wish to engage your employees in social issues? Let’s collaborate!

Learn more here:

Who are the changemakers in A Good Space?

To see a list of changemakers at A Good Space, please visit:

Are the events at A Good Space free?

Most of the events are free, although there are some events that are ticketed by the changemakers to recover the cost of their materials.

Is A Good Space part of the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)?

A Good Space is not part of NVPC, although NVPC has been very generous in supporting us with venue space, funding and providing us with an office to work out of.

What if I have a question that is not listed here?

Feel free to contact us by clicking here or by emailing us directly at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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