About The Changemakers At A Good Space

Our changemakers cover a variety of social issues using innovative formats! From using theatre to talk about self-care and discovery to facilitated discussions on controversial issues, there’s something for everyone! Here are some of their profiles:

Michael Cheng

Personal Stories for a Sea of Change

Self-Care, Mental Health

Joan Huang

Calmness with Clay

Mental Wellness, Self-Care

Yvonne Looi

Laugh Club

Mental Wellness, Self-Care

Hush Tea Bar

Hush @ Community

Differently-Abled, Deaf, Mental Wellness

Aaron Yeoh

The Unusual School

Differently-Abled, Visually Impaired,


Honesty Circles

Youth Leadership, Financial Literacy

Phua Huijia


Youth Leadership

Kevin Wong

Kodrah Kristang


Lionel & Lisa Koh

Dyad Evening


Lewis Liu

More Than Just


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