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U 3rd Age

U 3rd Age Vision is to encourage later life learning among senior citizens who are not afraid to share their mistakes and experiences. It is a way to learn more about the social-cultural values of Singaporeans. It is also our effort to nudge seniors into learning and to strengthen the intergenerational (ITG) bonding.

We want to engage seniors, adults and, youths in managing the digital divide in the artificial intelligence society.

U 3rd Age is a community for senior citizens to share learning and understanding of each other social values. It is a way to draw seniors out of their homes to interact with peers and youths and to be involved in community activities.

SMS (Seniors-Meet-Seniors) is our unique platform for seniors’ sharing of skills, learning, and experiences and also promote intergenerational activities through collaborations with partners.

Seniors-Meet-Seniors (SMS) Knowledge Cafe. Knowledge Caf├ęs for Seniors are fun productive conversations to learn from each other and to make better sense of living in an urban community. Youths and Adults are welcome too.

Objective: Encourage peer-led, small group learning for seniors

We want to give senior citizens a sense of mental well-being and to encourage generational bonding. It is also to understanding different social-cultural-religious values and to debunk fake news on such issues.

Social Issue

Lifelong Learning


Sharing Sessions

U 3rd Age aspires to be the hub where seniors and youths can collaborate to find meaningful living in a smart city environment.

Carol KuanU 3rd Age
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