Eleanor Yap

Ageless Online

Our Story

In early 2009, Eleanor attended a conference and was struck by one of the closing remarks. The speaker shared how one woman through filling a need started a seniors’ organisation in the US, which today has helped many and its membership has grown by leaps and bounds. That is what she is trying to do with Ageless Online. In this youth-obsessed society that we live in, why can’t we be senior-obsessed?

Why We Started

Eleanor was peeved about how people treat seniors when we should be celebrating them as some day we too will get older. She wanted a Singapore that is inclusive and accepting of all, and caring of people in the communities.

The Dream

For people to bring her Makan with Seniors into their own communities and enjoy the bonding with the seniors. She hopes that through the bonding, people can help each other and be kind.


She runs an e-magazine called Ageless Online for those over 50 and have a number of other initiatives related to seniors including an online museum called Time Traveller, a youth-run initiative called Faceup where they write about seniors, and my latest Makan with Seniors, an intergenerational bonding event where youths and seniors bond over food and have conversations face-to-face. I also give talks on talking to seniors as well as the general ageing landscape.

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