Hush Tea Bar

Hush @ Community


Hush Tea Bar is Singapore first silent teabar and a social movement that is beyond determined to bring self care and social inclusion to every workplace and community — with a cup of tea in silent reflection, making tea art and learning signs of love completely led by Deaf facilitators

Founded by Anthea Ong, it started as a social experiment in 2014 to challenge the alarming rise of workplace stress and mental health conditions in Singapore by encouraging busy urbanites to slow down and take a pause whilst at the same time providing empowerment, beyond employment, for the Deaf (known as ‘TeaRistas’). Because in silence, we remember who we are and who we are to each other.

It aims to set out to challenge the notion of disAbility in our society — in a world of silence where no spoken words are needed, where is the disability of the Deaf? Who is the disabled one? Hush hopes that this will provide a space for experiential empathy and perspective-taking to counter an increasingly-polarised society.


At Hush @ Community, come sit in silence, listen to your hearts and reflect on the questions that matter, over a special cup of tea, facilitated by Deaf ‘TeaRistas’. Share your personal stories and forge genuine connections with everyday heroes from all walks of life: from bankers, cleaners, social workers, ex-offenders, professionals, etc.

Social Issue

Deaf and Differently-Abled, Social Inclusion and Mental Wellness


Reflection and Discussion Over Tea