Emmaus Strategies

Our Story

We believe that every individual, organization and community can live out the best version of themselves as they are meant to be.

As such, we “fuel good” by partnering and journeying with people and organizations to help them thrive for good. Emmaus Strategies is a Social Enterprise founded on Christian values and is on a social mission to multiply good.

We are also a Business for Good and a social enterprise member of The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE).

Why We Started

Having worked as a social worker, battled burnout and depression and seeing how mental health challenges facing people in Singapore is increasing, I felt burdened to do something about it and as such embarked on a social mission to combat burnout and help people thrive by helping them prevent and overcome burnout.

The Dream

Every individual being able to thrive in their work and personal life and also being able to do good in their communities to fuel good.



We run capacity building learning events to help people and organizations thrive for good. As such, we run public education workshops on burnout prevention and management at A Good Space.

Social Issue

Mental Wellbeing