Lewis Liu

More Than Just


More than Just is a ground-up initiative to encourage the public to discuss issues related to stereotyping and discrimination. In 2017, they ran a series of dinner conversations to talk about Race and Racism. Now, the project remains active as an online platform to share, and discuss – https://www.facebook.com/groups/morethanjust2017.

The project serves anyone who is curious to learn and explore issues related to stereotyping and discrimination. In 2017, more than 90 individuals from diverse backgrounds and culture attended our dinner conversations. More than Just provides a safe space for individuals to ask difficult questions, and explore different perspectives.

Lewis is personally interested in facilitating difficult conversations. He believes that we need to have a civil discussion over stereotyping and discrimination, rather than just remaining ignorant and to encourage more people to understand why stereotyping and discrimination may be harmful, and be more sensitive with our words and actions.


In an inreasingly polarised world, are issues black and white, or are there different shades of grey? Can we really have a dialogue over issues that may not have a definite answer?

Shades of Grey is a social experiment that aims to bring people with deeply diverse views to find common grounds within a safe and facilitated context. Topics such as the Death Penalty and philosophical dilemmas like the Trolley Problem are used to help attendees understand and engage in civil discourse.

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