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I thoroughly enjoyed my personal interests as I was young, and it was extremely enriching both intellectually and emotionally. I grew to congregate with friends who were similar in nature (though rare to find).

The few of us found tremendous joy in learning and interest the world around us, holding a very positive and hopeful view on the world. The work we choose to do focuses on making the world a better place not just for ourselves, but for our future generations.

We dream to open our own school facility one day, to take students of all ages and background to openly learn and support each other in growing their love of learning, and desire to make the world a better place.

Praxium is on a mission to help youth fall in love with learning. To learn what they are interested in and passionate about. To help them transform from young students, into powerful, impactful individuals.

We run programmes at secondary schools that expose students to various career possibilities. Beyond that, we run a range of workshops, courses, and mentorship programmes to help youth develop professional skill sets.

To make their learning tangible, we help them complete community projects or start businesses that bring their impact to the real world.

We run a fortnightly event called “Learning Day” on alternate Friday nights, where individuals from students to working adults can come to teach and learn something from each other.

We’ve had topics that ranged from physically cooking a steak (casual), to cybersecurity in cellular network (niche). Theoretical sessions like philosophy (abstract) to practical sessions around life hacks (concrete).

Social Issue

Youth Development
Life-Long Learning



A world where people would think more about what they can do and contribute to the world, than whether or not they can simply make a living, and take care of themselves.

Louis PuahPraxium

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