Honesty Circles


Playmoolah is about building a healthy relationship and practice when it comes to money. It serves anyone who is curious about their relationship with money, or is holding a question about money that have not sought answers for.

Their dream is to build a community who are always curious and pushing the edges in building a better relationship to money for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Practically, this could mean choose to live with gratitude despite our scarcity narrative, broadening our conversations of wealth beyond money to different forms of capital, and practicing small acts of earning, spending, saving, investing and giving for a better world.


Many young people feel anxious and lost when it comes to the topic of money. Many of us don’t feel safe to have a conversation with our partners or families about it. There is a an unconscious narrative and culture of money in our society that we cannot see when we cannot name.

An Honesty Circle is a safe space that brings people together to have a truthful dialogue about money. By listening deeply and sharing stories, a collective wisdom emerges, and we become more aware of our innermost ideas about money that are hidden in our unconscious and secretly rule our lives.

We can then begin to take small steps towards building a positive relationship and practice with money.

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Relationship with Money


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