Silver Ribbon

Our Story

Discrimination and misconceptions remain among the most significant barriers to people with mental illness being able to actively participate in the community and gaining access to the services they need. Also, it is not only people with mental illness who experience discriminations and stigma. Rejection of people with mental illness inevitably spills over to the caregivers and family members.

Therefore, since its inception, Silver Ribbon (Singapore) organises mental health events regularly and commemorates World Mental Health Day annually, collaborating with local & overseas mental health organizations, consumers, caregivers, government agencies, grassroots organizations, religious groups, school institutions, voluntary welfare organizations and media to reach out to the community of all age groups through innovative means.

Why We Started

Stigma that surrounds mental illness often prevents people from seeking treatment and the consequences of untreated mental illness can be shattering, leading to unnecessary disability, homelessness, unemployment, incarceration and even suicide. Silver Ribbon (Singapore) believes that the earlier an illness is detected and treated, the better the treatment outcome.

Exactly what is stigma? Stigma means a mark or sign of shame, disgrace of disapproval, of being shunned or rejected by others. It emerges when people feel uneasy or embarrassed to talk about behaviour they perceive as different.

The Dream

Clear misconceptions, combat stigma around mental health and encourage more people to come forward to seek help

Silver Ribbon


Our Vision
Positive attitude towards mental health among the community.

Our Mission
To combat mental health stigma, encourage early help, and facilitate integration of people with mental illness within the society through innovative means of promoting mental health literacy.

Social Issue

Mental Health


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