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I founded a social enterprise, Catalyst Connection, to redefine mental health disorders and support people in integrating their non-ordinary experiences for a life of meaning and purpose.¬†I’m a lived experiencer with bipolar disorder diagnosed in 2011. Through personal experience, I learnt about the gap between the real needs of people in mental health crisis and the support that is currently provided by the health care system.

Catalyst Connection offers alternative perspectives to mental health, de-stigmatising mental disorders through open and authentic conversations and advocating integrative approaches to mental health care.

Catalyst Connection hopes to help people learn to see mental health crisis as spiritual emergence which is a process of transformational growth rather than an illness to recover from. Society will better appreciate the value and potential of mental health issues and persons-in-emergence will regain their confidence.

We run workshops and film screenings, and introduces the concept of spiritual emergency as an alternative definition of mental health crisis. The current biomedical psychiatric model to managing mental health disempowers people and robs them of their dignity. My work helps people appreciate and value mental health difficulties.

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I hope that people no longer see mental health conditions as an illness but recognise the underlying gifts of the person

Tricia TanCatalyst Connection

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