Velda Wong

Conversations Without Borders

Our Story

Conversations Without Borders is a movement started in Singapore. We aim to bring people with mental illnesses together to break down barriers and combat the stigma on mental illnesses. It is a safe space to talk about living with mental illnesses.
Conversations Without Borders seeks to advocate for mental wellness, serving the people with mental illnesses. It hopes to gather people suffering from the different kinds of mental illnesses to come together and get support from each other, prop each other up, and at the same time share life experiences with one another. We also hope to showcase their artistic or creative side later on to promote mental well-being and minimise stigma on people with mental illnesses.

Why We Started

Many of them still face stigmatisation in society and we want to break that barrier to embrace mental wellbeing. Velda wanted to normalise mental health and spark more discussion and discourse on mental health, to promote a more inclusive society by helping people with mental illness to feel less stigmatised and be included in the inclusion narrative.

The Dream

To turn this into a profitable social enterprise and influence legislations

Conversations Without Borders


I run a support group for people with mental health conditions and caregivers of people with mental health conditions, along with film screenings on the topic of mental health. These support groups have allowed her to build a social support structure that allows people with mental illness to encourage and lift each other up.

Social Issue

Mental Health


Support Groups