Be Inspired Series

Events that expand the perspectives of attendees towards different social issues, including talks, activities, films, photo exhibitions, games and many more.

Some examples of our events include

Speaker Series

A public lecture series where we invite global and local leaders to speak about different social issues. Past speakers include:

  • Tong Yee – Creating Trust in a Complex Environment
  • Boo Jun Feng – Death Penalty and Civil Discourse
  • Dr Jean-Louis Lamboray – SALT Approach to Community Building
  • Playmoolah – Teach Me to be Wild
  • Julia Suh – Transforming Urban Spaces for Common Good

Brick by Brick Workshop

Brick by Brick is an evening of discovery through Lego, as we explore how we can become better leaders to serve people and communities we care about.

Learn how to unlock the potential of your people, grapple with complex social issues and foster creative thinking, all while playing with LEGO bricks!

Good Starter

Khee Shihui

Social Issue

Social Inclusion, Social Inequality and Self-Discovery

Iaminvisible Photo Exhibition

A photo narrative to uncover and bring the stories of everyday people into the light. Through a series of compelling photos and stories, it seeks to challenge stereotypes and inspire people to embrace our differences to inspire love, hope, strength, gratitude and resilience.

Good Starter

Chua Ningpei

Social Issue

Social Inclusion and Differently-Abled Persons

Honesty Circle

An Honesty Circle is a safe space that brings people together to have a truthful dialogue about money. By listening deeply and sharing stories, a collective wisdom emerges, and we become more aware of our innermost ideas about money that are hidden in our unconscious and secretly rule our lives.

Good Starter


Social Issue

Relationship with Money

Here’s what people are saying

“What I really enjoyed most was the lightness that he brings about with a complex topic – trust, a serious one. My key takeaway is really don’t stop finding common space with people and drop that barrier, how do you find a way to be connected with the person, that’s a starting point of building trust.”

KennySpeaker Series (Tong Yee)

“My biggest takeaway is planning, learning, and how you use simple Lego blocks to go through the thought process. And also at the end of the day, do not look at the outcome but more of the learning process.”

ShirinBrick by Brick Workshop

“I’m grateful for this event and for Ning for creating this event for me to share my story. Because when I share my story it also lets me reflect back on my life. Sometimes it also gives me back the strength and it also leads me to think about what happened to me and the reasons why it happened to me, and how I can use it to reach out to others.”

SherryIaminvisible Photo Exhibition

“At honesty circles, what I always appreciate is that how people share very candidly about their personal stories and sometimes you feel that you are not so alone in this kind of money problems or things that you think about in life.”

SixianHonesty Circles

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