Everyone can be a changemaker

Whether you are a student, journalist, working professional, teacher, scientist, athlete, entrepreneur, activist, etc, we’d love to invite you to join our community and be part of this bold experiment to create the Singapore of our dreams, together.

Changemaking doesn't have to be a lonely journey

Instead of struggling alone, we can do more for the social issues and communities we care about when we come together. Read on to discover what possibilities we can unlock as a collective.

Community of Changemakers

Discover a community of Singapore's most passionate changemakers

Welcome to a group of curious, passionate and caring humans wanting to create positive change with diverse communities – from migrant workers to mental health; climate change to rental flat communities. You’ll get to meet advocates, social entrepreneurs, community builders and future leaders, nourishing and caring for each other, as we journey together to create a better society.

In A Good Space, I can be vulnerable with my struggles and yet feel accepted unconditionally not for what I do, but who I am as a human being. This is the real deep impact this community has on our society
Santosh Kumar

Collaborate to amplify our social impact

Need to be connected to someone with specific knowledge or have an idea you’d like some feedback on? 

Tap on the rich perspectives and experiences of our members and contribute your own to design more meaningful and impactful changemaking projects.

AGS has been a fantastic place in helping us to connect with various changemakers working for different causes and the community is a great source of inspiration in the work that we do. We often underestimate what we can achieve when we pull resources together and work towards a common goal. We have much more in common then we often think we do - and AGS has often reminded me of that.
Sherman Ho
Happiness Initiative
Clockwise from top: A reciprocity ring for members to share their asks/offers, members collaborating to pack 7,000 care packs for TTSH & NCID staff, members supporting rental flat communities
Screenshot of the fundraising campaign page on Give.asia

Raise more funds

When we pool our resources together as a collective, we can raise more donations and funds for the issues and communities we care about. We got a glimpse of this during COVID-19, when our Chairperson pulled together 8 agencies who collectively raised $1.1 million within a week to be disbursed as financial assistance to vulnerable families falling through the cracks. Alone, this wouldn’t have been possible but together, we are strong.


Access income opportunities with workplaces & schools

We need funds for our changemaking projects but sometimes applying for grants is a lot of work and generating revenue is difficult. What if we can find other ways of raising funds to support our changemaking projects?

Our members can receive income for designing immersive experiences to engage employees and students in the social issues and communities they care about. 

We’ll source for and coordinate with the workplaces / schools so you can focus on what you do best.

Despite the pandemic in 2020, our team was able to do more public outreach workshops to spread the word about Aphasia and this was only possible because we got access into schools like NUS, SUSS, Nanyang Girls' High School and companies like SingPost because of AGS. We were also able to earn some income from these workshops which helps us to sustain our projects
Evelyn Khoo
Aphasia SG
Photos from the various experiences we have designed for workplaces and schools

Meet Some of Our Members

We are passionate humans with diverse talents, skills and networks


Receive interesting opportunities to advance your changemaking initiative

As a co-operative plugged into the local and regional changemaking ecosystem, we hear of interesting opportunities quite regularly through our members or partners.

Whether it’s opportunities to be featured in news articles, universities putting forth their students for internships or venue partners offering their beautiful spaces at discounted rates, members get first dibs on these as soon as we know of them.

"I gained at least 30 new connections with fellow changemakers having diverse skills and resources. Through AGS, we also got to know of helpful grants such as the SG United Traineeship (which helped us to save $21,600 on a full-time trainee for 9 months) and the Youth Corps Internship Scheme (which helped us to save $7,200 to hire 3 interns for 3 months). This was extremely valuable in helping us to expand the team to amplify our social impact."
Adrian Tan
SG Assist
Clockwise from top: a panel featuring our migrant worker changemakers, spaces offered by our partners and a media feature of the initiatives of our members
Screenshot of the #SGGratitudePack that some of our members collaborated on, that eventually went viral and received several features in online and print media outlets

Raise greater awareness for the issues we care about

With so many events out there, how do you differentiate yourself? As a co-operative of diverse members, we can coordinate cross-promotional campaigns amongst members to spread the word for each other’s content, activities and workshops.

We’ll also promote your activities to the 2,000+ responsive members on our email newsletter and the 4,000+ followers on our social media channels to give it a further boost.

You’ll also receive opportunities to contribute to content pieces put out by the co-op and platforms to participate as a panelist to further raise awareness of you and your initiative.


Support each other to grow as changemakers

From web design to community building, organising film festivals to coordinating deliveries, playback theatre to marine conservation, our members have a wealth of wisdom, connections and talents.

As a collective, we can also invite respected changemakers to train us in skills that will be helpful for us in our various social impact initiatives, such as systems thinking, storytelling, social impact measurement, copywriting, etc.

A community learning circle where several members shared their experience with designing online events for their communities
A conversation we organised for citizens, changemakers and Parliamentarians to discuss issues and recommendations across different segments of low-income communities

Have our voices heard by key opinion leaders on issues that matter to us

As individuals, it’s hard to have a strong voice when advocating for our causes alone. Most of us do not have networks to key opinion leaders who can amplify our voices and open doors. 

As a collective, we can put together dialogue sessions with influencers such as Parliamentarians, policymakers and other leaders to exchange perspectives across different levels of systems and develop a deeper understanding of social issues.

Changemaker Members in Our Co-operative
Social Issues & Communities Represented
Est. number of people our members have impacted

Membership Categories

After consulting with diverse changemakers, we have designed the following membership categories, to better support changemakers at different stages of their changemaking journey. Members make a financial contribution to sustain the operations of the co-operative and invest in a more collaborative future for changemaking in Singapore.

Become a Co-Owner

Co-owners are members who both contribute membership fees and own shares in the co-operative. Therefore, they have a stake in it. As a co-owner of A Good Space, you are able to:


Vote on key issues

You’ll be able to shape the strategic direction of the co-op through your vote. Each Co-Owner has one vote.


Receive dividends

Receive dividends from the financial surplus generated by the co-op’s business activities, in proportion to the number of shares held.


Stand for election

To key leadership positions in the co-op to chart the strategic direction of the co-op.


Per Share

Co-Owners have to own a minimum of 100 shares.


You Belong Here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that’s not listed here? Send us an email at: vincentng@agoodspace.org

A Good Space is Singapore’s first co-operative co-owned by changemakers. Our mission is to help our members flourish, facilitate collaborative solutions for complex social issues and nurture employees to become changemakers, so as to further our overall social mission. If you’d like to read our founding story, please visit: http://www.agoodspace.org/our-story/

In short, a co-operative is a business with a strong social mission that is owned by its members.  We decided to register as a co-operative because we believed that when members work together, we can unlock new possibilities that can help overcome the challenges we each face. Also, there was something romantic for us in breaking new grounds for changemakers to co-own a co-operative that is creating the Singapore of our dreams, together. Here’s a link to a more elegant definition of co-operatives, by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies in Singapore.

Co-owners are members who own shares in the co-operative. As a result, they have a stake in the co-operative and can vote on strategic issues, receive dividends, and stand for election to key leadership positions. In other words, co-owners play a vital role in shaping the direction of our co-operative! If you share our vision for a more collaborative future of changemaking in Singapore, we’d love to invite you to be a co-owner.

The short answer is that there are no minimum hours or projects you must do to be a part of our community. However, we’ve noticed that members who enjoy their experience the most are those who actively participate in activities, build friendships with other members, and kickstart projects together!

Thank you for contributing to our society in so many different ways! Membership at A Good Space is tagged to individuals and not projects, so feel free to bring the many hats you wear into our community.

Under the Co-operative Societies Act, only individuals, trade unions, and other co-operatives can be members of a co-operative. Organisations can still apply for membership at A Good Space by nominating an individual to represent them. The membership, and any shares held, will be in this individual’s name. Should the individual leave the organisation, their membership and/or shares owned would have to be transferred to the next representative of the organisation.

We would like to make membership accessible to everyone, because we believe that when everyone has unique gifts, resources and strengths that they can bring to create a better Singapore. If you require financial assistance for your membership contribution, please write in to Remi at remiong@agoodspace.org so that we can explore how to best support you.

Our team will review your responses to our form. If we feel you could be a good fit for our community and the culture we are trying to nurture, we’ll arrange a chat to learn more about your story, projects, and gifts. After that, if we both feel that we can journey together, we’d invite you to complete our membership form to officially join our community as a member.

Fret not! Please write in to Remi at remiong@agoodspace.org and we’ll connect with you from there.

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