Together, We Can Do More

We are Singapore’s first co-operative to gather diverse changemakers, activists, dreamers, social entrepreneurs, charities and more, to create the Singapore of our dreams, together.

As changemakers, we know changemaking is hard

Good intentions don’t always lead to good outcomes. You’re constantly trying to do more with less resources, struggling to overcome these challenges


Grants have their limitations

Applying for grants is a lot of work. You love your project but are struggling to dedicate more time to it, since the grants don’t allow you to pay yourself


Generating revenue is difficult​

You’re struggling to communicate the value of what you’re offering and so many people think that ‘doing good’ projects should be free and are not willing to pay


Getting signups is challenging

With so many events out there, how to differentiate yourself? You’re trying to learn marketing and running Facebook Ads when all you want is to focus on what you do best


Finding key influencers

It’s hard for an individual to have a strong voice when advocating for causes. You want access to key influencers who can amplify your voice and open doors – but where to start?

eventspace (1)

Venue space is expensive​

It’s hard to find free or affordable venue space for your activities and meetings, especially when you’re doing most of them for free


Feeling burnt-out and alone​

You’re thinking of your project every day but not sure how to move forward or what to do next. You feel overwhelmed but there’s nobody around you who can understand.

A Bold Experiment for Changemakers

By intentionally coming together as a co-operative, we can unlock many possibilities to overcome our challenges, that we cannot do alone.

  • Get More Funding
  • Generate Revenue for Your Project
  • Reach More People
  • Harness the Power of Community
  • Grow as a Changmaker
  • Beautiful Spaces for Your Events

1. Increase your chances of receiving funding

Receive feedback to improve your proposal from representatives of various grants, through grant clinics held quarterly.

2. Access higher tiers of funding

Apply for higher tier funding opportunities from companies, government agencies and foundations, sourced by A Good Space.


1. Get paid by companies and schools

For organising activities or providing consultancy services to engage their staff in social issues. We’ll source, negotiate and handle all coordination with clients so you can focus on what you do best.

Our clients include schools like the National University of Singapore (NUS) and companies like Singapore Post. On average, members receive $1,675 per engagement.

Event Marketing

1. Get more signups for your activities

We’ll promote your activities to the 2,000 responsive members in our weekly email newsletter and on our social media channels.

We’ll also coordinate cross-promotion campaigns amongst members to spread the word for each other’s activities, festivals and workshops.  

2. Receive opportunities to be featured in the media

We’ll connect you with journalists, writers and our media contacts when they need interviews or responses for their articles.

CNA Feature

3. Amplify your voice through collective advocacy

Together, we can have a stronger voice for the issues we care about. Each quarter, we’ll gather changemakers to put out an opinion piece advocating for a current issue (e.g. climate change, single parents, etc)

FB Group

1. Receive help for your project

Need to be connected to someone? Have an idea that you’d like some feedback on? Join our Facebook Group to tap on the collective wisdom and resources of passionate changemakers. 

2. Learn and collaborate with diverse changemakers

Social issues are complex and interconnected. You’ll get to attend community events where you can meet, learn from and pilot your ideas alongside changemakers representing diverse social issues and communities.

Diverse Changemakers
Games Night

3. Be supported by people who want you to succeed

Through game nights, self-care circles and a commitment to caring for each other, you’ll find like-minded friends who will support you through your changemaking journey.

4. Save money on services you need 

As a co-operative, we can negotiate for collective discounts with businesses providing services we need such as website hosting, co-working space or even learning workshops!

Eventually, we hope to get F&B partners on board so you can get a discount while eating out, because you are a changemaker!


1. Access influencers to amplify your project

Participate in closed door dialogues with Ministers and influential leaders who can help amplify the impact of your project.

2. Be trained by respected changemakers

We’ll invite respected changemakers to train you in skills important for changemaking such as storytelling, strategic thinking, etc.


3. Work on collaborative projects 

We’ll organise programs for you to collaborate with the government, social service agencies and companies to address social issues, together.

Get access to cosy and comfortable spaces of all sizes to host your events, for free. As we grow, we hope to add spaces in each corner of Singapore.

Currently, spaces are available at: 

1. National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (Central)

2. Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre (Yishun)

3. Gardens by the Bay (Central)

What Does It Mean to Become a Member?

We gather because we believe in the vision of a collective changemaking force, guided by these 3 practices.


We care for each other

We support each other emotionally through our personal changemaking journey


We help each other

We share our skills, talents and networks to help each other amplify our social projects

seminar (1)

We collaborate with each other

We learn from each other and collaborate meaningfully to deepen our social impact

Meet Some Of Our Members

We are passionate humans with diverse talents, skills and networks.

I see A Good Space as an anchor in my life. This is a place where I can fall back on, where people are building each other up.
Velda Wong
Conversations Without Borders
I got to know new changemakers and these relationships are important to let you know you are not alone and there are people who will come forward to support you.
Louis Puah
There's very little bureaucracy, it is a starting point for young people without resources and networks to champion their cause and find meaning and purpose.
Abdullah Khurshid
Pandora's Box
Tines Anbarasan
Tines Anbarasan, SerendipET
Carol Kuan
Carol Kuan, U3rdAge
M. Ibnur Rashad, GUILD
Louis Puah, Praxium
Kathy Xu, The Dorsal Effect
Leezibet Heinzraiden, White Isnt Black
Sherman Ho, The Happiness Initiative
Velda Wong, Conversations Without Borders
Abdullah Khurshid, Pandora's Box
Edwin Ng, Skillful Means

Members' Contribution

To provide these benefits, the co-operative will incur some costs. To support these costs, we ask for members to make a financial contribution.


For changemakers just starting out and wanting to discover issues they are passionate about
$ 120
Per Year
  • Volunteer and internship opportunities with AGS members
  • Attend community events and social gatherings
  • Exclusive invitation to AGS Facebook Group
  • One time use of AGS spaces to pilot your idea
  • Discounted rates to changemaking skills workshops
  • Discounted rates to AGS organised programs


For changemakers getting started on their first few projects and need support in piloting their ideas
$ 500
Per Year
  • All benefits of Explore option
  • Table agenda points at AGS community meetings
  • Marketing of your events to mailing list and social media
  • Feature your profile on AGS website
  • Participate in quarterly grant clinics
  • Use of AGS spaces up to 4 times per year for your activities
  • Invitation to collaborative projects with other members
  • Enjoy collective buying discounts on services and workshops


For changemakers looking for ways to be financially and operationally sustainable, while becoming more strategic
$ 1,800
Per Year
  • All benefits of Start option
  • Tap on AGS' pool of qualified volunteers and interns
  • Access higher tiers of funding from public and private grants
  • Unlimited use of AGS spaces for your activities
  • *Receive opportunities to be featured in the media
  • *Participate in AGS-led revenue opportunities
  • *Invitation to closed door dialogue with influencers
  • *Invitation to collective advocacy opportunties

*Priority will be given to members in the Grow stage, but members of the Start stage can enjoy these as well

Optional: Become a Co-Owner

As a co-owner of the A Good Space Co-operative, you are able to:


Vote on key issues

You’ll be able to shape the strategic direction of the co-op through your vote. Each Co-Owner has one vote.


Receive dividends

Receive dividends from the financial surplus generated by the co-op’s business activities, in proportion to the number of shares held.


Stand for election

To key leadership positions in the co-op to chart the strategic direction of the co-op.


Per Share

Co-Owners have to own a minimum of 100 shares.

“AGS has enabled us to give opportunities to persons with mild disabilities a platform to have a voice and a place to share their thoughts and experiences. It has enabled me to pilot my idea and grow my initiative.”

Raymond Tang

Passionate about changemaking?

You belong here. Come discover a community of passionate, kind and generous people, all wanting to create positive change for Singapore.

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