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Come learn about a wide range of social issues through innovative activities, social experiments, games and events!

Over 26 social issues are covered, including climate change, social inequality, mental wellness, seniors and more. From Poverty Simulations to a Feast with Seniors, there’s something enriching for everyone!

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Examples of Our Past Events

Walls Down For Good

Immersive and experiential events that encourage empathy and inclusion of the ‘differently-abled’ in our society.

Be Inspired

Events that expand the perspectives of attendees towards different social issues, including talks, activities, films, photo exhibitions, games and many more.

Treats For Good

Activities designed to help recharge, refuel and re-inspire attendees. Examples include laughter yoga, improv theatre, massages by blind masseurs and much more.

Signature Events

Unique events organised once a year by A Good Space and its curators, including a grant of $1,000 (no strings attached) to support aspiring changemakers and much more!

Open Community Labs

Social experiments focused on expanding perspectives of participants using innovative and immersive formats that previously have not been explored.

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