Signature Events

Unique events organised once a year by A Good Space and its curators, including a grant of $1,000 (no strings attached) to support aspiring changemakers and much more!

A Good Pitch

Have an idea to expand perspectives or create greater social inclusion in your community? Let us support you with $1,000 to get started, no strings attached!

Beyond funding, you’ll also receive opportunities to showcase your idea, free venue space to hold your events and much more. Join our mailing list to be notified when the next grant call starts.

A Good Day

A full day of innovative and immersive activities specially designed to help participants learn about Singapore’s most pressing social issues, from migrant workers to climate change, beyond the usual talks and workshops.

Participants had to choose between 4 themed tracks, each hosted at a different venue and containing 3 activities covering a diverse range of social issues, such as a feast with seniors and poverty simulation.

In all, a total of 17 of our changemakers collaborated to put on 12 activities across the 4 tracks, with over 130 participants going through the day’s activities.

Here's What People Are Saying

“I actually had a really really good time, and I think it has been very impactful for everyone. Pitching their own ideas, sharing their projects and how they can help each other and networking as well. So I think this has been amazing. It’s not very easy for people to want to make an impact so we need to make more events like this and help other people to share their ideas. Let’s make a difference together! ”

MariaA Good Pitch

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