Treats For Good

These are activities designed to help recharge, refuel and re-inspire attendees. Examples include laughter yoga, improv theatre, massages by blind masseurs and much more. Some examples include:

Laugh Club

Come Laugh Out Loud with us! Laugh Club is a great way to relax your body and mind, get your Happy on and make new friends – all at the same time!

Come together with like-hearted friends in a special series of guided laughter exercises, designed to bring out the inner joy that is within you.

Learn how to incorporate more laughter and joy in your daily life in a session facilitated by Dr. Yvonne Looi, a Laughter Yoga teacher and a Joyologist of life!

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Yvonne Looi

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Personal Stories for a Sea of Change

This is a workshop where we free our creative spirits. It is a journey of looking within ourselves, and connecting with others. Personal stories, drama games, art-making activities, movement practices, and dramatic improvisation, come together in an eclectic mix.

No experience in any artistic pursuit is necessary. All you need is an open heart and an adventurous spirit.

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Michael Cheng

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Calmness with Clay

A relaxing evening of pottery facilitated by our wonderful friends from Center Pottery Singapore. Experience the peace and joy of working with clay, learn how stress can actually be a good thing and how to deal with stress in positive and constructive ways.

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Centre Pottery

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Mental Wellness and Self-Care

Yoga Sessions

Through a series of guided poses and exercises, experience a deep stretch in your muscles while making a contribution to charitable organisations in Singapore. Reconnect with your body and make new friends in a relaxing 1 hour session.

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Project Yoga on Wheels

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Here's What People Are Saying

“I just came out from this crazy experience where I laughed non-stop and felt very happy! I think we need more of these in Singapore to laugh for no reason, regulate ourselves and treat each other with more kindness as we are a very stressful society. Hopefully this session is the first of many!”

JustinLaugh Club

“Today's session was a really freeing and creative experience for me. it made me touch on many things emotionally that I wouldn't normally do in everyday life. It was a really enriching experience and I recommend it for anyone in Singapore.”

KirinPersonal Stories for a Sea of Change

“I love what Dr Xiang talked about how to manage stress and that stress is not our enemy, as long as we know stress is actually just our worry. As long as we do not escalate it, we can actually manage our stress pretty okay! And being in touch with clay, knowing the texture and taking a pause, is actually helping us to manage our stress. So come for the workshop as I’m sure you will like it!”

ZhiliCalmness with Clay

“It’s a very nice and cosy space and because the class size is small, we enjoyed ourselves very much. The environment is very intimate and the participants are very nice and chatty so I really enjoyed the lesson very much!”

KarenYoga Sessions

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