Walls Down For Good

These are immersive and experiential events that encourage empathy and inclusion of the ‘differently-abled’ (deaf, blind, physical, intellectual, etc) in our society. Some examples include:

Hush @ Community

Come sit in silence, listen to your hearts and reflect on the questions that matter, over a special cup of tea, faciliated by Deaf ‘TeaRistas’. Share your personal stories and forge genuine connections with everyday heroes from all walks of life: from bankers, cleaners, social workers, ex-offenders, professionals, etc.

Good Starter

Hush Tea Bar

Social Issue

Deaf and Differently-Abled, Social Inclusion and Mental Wellness

The Unusual School

The Unusual School is dedicated to developing emotional intelligence by applying psychology, philosophy and culture to everyday life. Each workshop is facilitated by a visually impaired facilitator in complete darkness!

Topics include:

  • How to stay decisive in face of life challenges
  • How to turn adversity into a gift
  • How to be imaginative and nurture creativity
  • Moving beyond grief
Good Starter

Aaron Yeoh

Social Issue

Visually Impaired, Social Inclusion

Here's What People Are Saying

“It was the first time I can feel all alone, quiet, peace & sadness. When I closed my eyes, I can see who were there with me throughout my journey of ups & down and happiest moment. I felt so relieved after the quiet reflection & I realized that there’s so much love around me. I never felt like this before. It’s my best experience!”

Single MotherHush Tea Bar

“I really enjoyed the programme today because I got to know about Pei Pei and also her story. Knowing how she copes with adversity throughout her life really inspired me. I learnt that there are ways to overcome our problems if we isolate them and address them step by step. With our perseverance and our efforts, I think there is nothing too difficult to cope. ”

Peck HuiThe Unusual School

“My biggest takeaway is that sense of sight is really very precious. It was very scary when we actually got into the room in the dark. At the same time, the other senses that we have, like the sense of touch, sense of hearing, those are very important senses as well. It really made me feel that I’m very lucky to have this sense of sight, to be able to see colours.”

Mei YinThe Unusual School

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