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We transform ordinary spaces into places of purpose by convening catalysts to invent, innovate, intersect and inspire communities.

We bring together community catalysts to create innovative events, activities and projects that expand perspectives across a wide range of social issues.

Walls Down For Good

Immersive and experiential events that encourage empathy and inclusion of the ‘differently-abled’ in our society.

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Be Inspired Series

Events that expand the perspectives of attendees towards different social issues, including talks, activities, films, photo exhibitions, games and many more.

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Open Community Labs

Innovative social experiments focused on expanding perspectives, including a grant of $1,000 (no strings attached) to support aspiring changemakers!

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Treats for Good

Activities designed to help recharge, refuel and re-inspire attendees. Examples include laughter yoga, improv theatre, massages by blind masseurs and much more.

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What People Are Saying About Our Events

“A very soulful session and so nice to connect with someone who’s done so much work in social impact at a global level! He spoke about listening to communities and building trust. My main takeaway was his perspective on participatory design – how can we plan and design in a way where we ask and listen to communities, while surrendering control and be open to possible outcomes.”

Min XuanPut a Little SALT into Your Life Public Lecture

“We discussed the trolley problem and what it may mean for our policies and how we value human life… it really was about going beyond and expanding my comfort zone. When I came in I was held quite strong opposing views and now I’ve moderated my view a bit…I’m gonna leave tonight thinking a lot more thoroughly about my positions and what are the principles I should hold…”

SuhaileShades of Grey at A Good Space

“I just came out from this crazy experience where I laughed non-stop and felt very happy! I think we need more of these in Singapore to laugh for no reason, regulate ourselves and treat each other with more kindness as we are a very stressful society. Hopefully this session is the first of many!”

JustinLaughter Yoga at A Good Space

“It was a interesting sharing of very diverse viewpoints from very different people, including a 77 year-old Dexter and Gerald! I'm going to walk away with this idea of how the heart is actually the soul at work. My key takeaway will be how to bring much more of this into what I do! ”

SeriBook Discussion: "The Power of Purpose"

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