Engage Your employees by doing good

We design immersive experiences to help organisations engage their employees by inspiring them to care about social issues in Singapore.

How Can My Organisation Benefit?

Our experiences seek to create these benefits for your organisation.

1. Inspire Employees to Discover Purpose at Work

By creating an emotional connection with your organisation’s values and Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

2. Deepen Social Relationships

By creating conversations between employees from different teams and cultural backgrounds outside of work.

3. Attract Talents and Customers

People want to work for businesses that are socially responsible and customers want to buy from companies that put goodness.

4. Become a Pioneer

Be one of the first companies in Singapore to collaborate with active citizen changemakers to do good through innovative projects. Move beyond engaging with established non-profits and charities to find new possibilities in impacting communities.

Come Discover These Experiences

We can design a variety of experiences to cater to the varying interests and work schedules of your employees.

  • A Good Space Satellite
  • A Good Space Bespoke
  • A Good Day
  • Learning Journeys
  • A Good Pitch
  • A Good Conversation
  • Customised
AGS Satellite


You could host some of the activities organised by changemakers of A Good Space at your space. Each activity is specially curated to address a social issue using an innovative format. 

Examples of these activities include climate change conversations, poverty simulations, interfaith dialogues and more.


Expose your employees to a variety of social issues and provide opportunities for them to interact with members of the public who are civically engaged.


Weekday evenings or weekends, with an average duration of about 2 to 3 hours per activity.

AGS Bespoke


Looking into its network of changemakers, A Good Space can curate activities for your organisation according to its CSR themes (e.g. environment) or around certain important occasions (e.g. International Women’s Day).

These activities could be exclusively for your employees, to inspire in them an emotional connection to social issues.


Expand the worldview of staff towards specific social issues whilst deepening social relationships at work.


These activities could happen during lunchtime for around 2 hours, on a monthly or quarterly basis.

A Good Day (1)

1. About:

A Good Space can curate a full day of immersive activities for your employees, around certain themes or important occasions. Where possible, your company’s values can be embedded into the activities to help employees connect with them and the company’s culture.

Besides involving your employees, A Good Space can also help to source for beneficiaries to participate in the activities alongside staff (e.g. youths-at-risk, single mothers, etc)

2. Benefits:

Expand employees’ worldview through exposure to multiple social issues in an immersive, full day experience, with opportunities for them to learn about different communities in Singapore by interacting with actual beneficiaries.

3. Duration:

These activities could happen over the course of a day, perhaps from 9am to 5pm.

Learning Journeys


A Good Space can curate learning walks for your employees to experience and learn from different communities (e.g. lower income, migrant workers, seniors, etc).


By being immersed in the communities and listening first-hand to the people involved, they can begin to get a deeper understanding to uncover realities on the ground and root of social issues.

This will enable them to begin addressing these issues in a way that creates, not hinder change, through their volunteering, donations or when they start projects.


Dependent on the number of locations visited, it could range from half a day to a full day.

A Good Pitch


A Good Space can support your organisation to organise an internal A Good Pitch, where your employees can be encouraged to submit their ideas and receive a grant of $1,000 to get started.

These ideas could be around certain social causes championed by your organisation or for any other causes they may feel strongly for.

Your leaders and other civil society leaders could be invited to come judge the ideas and the ideas themselves could be showcased to the general public in an exhibition.


Harness the creativity of staff to generate a constant stream of new ideas and projects for organisation’s CSR efforts, while enabling employees to express themselves and find purpose through their work.


Half a day for pitching and exhibition of ideas.

A Good Conversation


A Good Space can support your organisation to facilitate conversations amongst employees who are interested to co-create a shared dream for your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies and the impact they’d like your organisation to have in the community.


Facilitate co-ownership of your organisation’s CSR objectives in your employees beyond the CSR team and build self-sustaining communities of giving which can expand your organisation’s social impact on the community.


Depending on scope of discussion, possibly one full day.

AGS Changemaker Banner

Already have an idea for a social project your organisation wants to start?

Collaborate with our active citizen changemakers to do good through innovative projects! 

Harness their creativity, resourcefulness and deep wisdom on the ground to find new possibilities in impacting communities and create positive social change. 

Case Studies

We are trusted by multi-national corporations, universities and government agencies to deliver these experiences.

AGS x SingPost

Singapore Post

Engagement Format: A Good Space Bespoke

We curated a series of lunchtime activities for SingPost’s staff and tenants of SingPost Centre to come learn about various social issues, including the visually-impaired, deaf and seniors. 

We curated four activities (once per quarter), including a silent tea bar facilitated by Deaf facilitators, an ageing simulation, a drawing workshop taught by a partially blind artist and a lunch experience in the dark. 

National University of Singapore

Engagement Format: A Good Day

For 2 consecutive years, we have curated 2 A Good Day engagements for ASEAN scholars in their first year of University, to cultivate empathy towards local social issues and ignite their personal motivation to contribute to Singapore.

The social issues covered include mental health, deaf, death & dying, youth-at-risk and intergenerational bonding.


Johnson & Johnson

Engagement Format: A Good Space Bespoke

We curated a life-sized Snake and Ladders game where staff of Johnson & Johnson got to learn about various mental health conditions like depression and bipolar disorder through different tasks they had to complete when they landed on specific tiles on the game board.

Here's What Participants Are Saying

I’ve recently moved here from Australia. The activities and people I met helped me understand the social issues that Singapore is facing and how I can get involved to do my part to help!
As an educator, this was a great opportunity for me to find out more about youths-at-risk. I got to interact with some of them and hear about how it's like and their experiences.
I found inspiration, validation and a sense of community, re-fuelling my passion for my project after the setbacks I have along the way. It has spurred me to turn my idea into reality.

Our Team

To support you, we have curated an experienced team with deep experience in on-the-ground work, community building and strategic changemaking. 

Anthea Ong

Strategy Lead

Anthea is a Nominated Member of Parliament and a familiar face in social entrepreneurship and civic advocacy, especially in the areas of mental health, diversity and inclusion and climate change. 

She brings a multi-sector perspective that comes from her ground immersion of 12 years in different capacities, helping her to translate single-sector issues and ideas across boundaries without alienating any community or group.

A former banker, international business leader and an impact entrepreneur / investor, it is innate in her to discuss social issues with the intent of finding solutions or at least, exploring possibilities.

Vincent Ng

Community Lead

Vincent cares deeply about the issue of youth mental health and has cultivated a passion for education and contributing to positive social change.

This passion has guided him to organise Singapore’s first Happiness Festival and co-author a book titled Why You Should Fail.

He brings an intimate knowledge of the different changemakers in the A Good Space community and experience from curating over 300 of their events to designing transformational events that inspire social change. 

Abhishek Bajaj

Programs Lead

Applying design thinking to social service, Abhishek enjoys the process of figuring out the needs of the end users and bridging the gap of their expectations and their experiences with a product or service.

This philosophy has led him to serve in various roles within the social sector, including as a community worker working with low-income families at Beyond Social Services and founding his own charity, 6th Sense, which takes a strengths-based approach in creating meaningful programs for various beneficiaries.

He brings deep insights gained through working with a variety of communities over the years, including the migrant workers, low-income and Pulau Ubin communities.

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