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Relationships are at the core of A Good Space.

Meet some of our people.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

We choose to come together because we believe that together, we can do more for the social issues and communities we care about. At its core, A Good Space is a community of changemakers – individuals just like you, ordinary citizens who care and want to do something about it.

We’re currently 43+ changemakers from across Singapore, representing 19 diverse social issues and communities, from mental health to migrant workers, climate change to seniors, humanism to Aphasia and much more.

If you are curious about how one joins the community as a contributor or a member, we invite you to go to this page to learn more.


Co-owners contribute membership fees and own shares in the co-operative and therefore have a stake in it. They can vote, receive dividends, enjoy membership benefits and stand for office in the Committee of Management (COM), amongst other things.

Chua Ningpei

Hush TeaBar

Abhishek Bajaj

6th Sense

Adrian Tan

SG Assist

Ashokan Ramakrishnan


Dean Ng

The Affirmative People

Een Yuan Long


Evelyn Khoo

Aphasia SG

James Lim

Emmaus Strategies

Quek Wan Ting

Moving Circle

Lee Zhong Han

We Tell Stories

Louis Puah


M. Ibnur Rashad


Michael Cheng

Tapestry Playback Theatre

Toh Kian Beng

M2 Cafe

Velda Wong

Art Of Love

Sherman Ho

Happiness Initiative

Tan Ding Jie

Humanist Society Singapore

Tines Anbarasan


Anthea Ong

Bill Bannear

Douglas O'Loughlin

Melissa Kwee

T. Ranga

Vincent Ng

Associate Members

Associate Members contribute membership fees, their gifts, resources and networks to the co-operative. They also enjoy membership benefits.

Ang Huan Ting

Lingua Singapura

Carmen Lok

Lily Goh

EO Horizons

Revathi Priya

Vaangae Anna

Roxanne Koh

Santosh Kumar


Vernessa Chuah

Mindful Space

Zuby Eusofe

The Healing Circle

Amos Liu


Anne Neo

The Giving Collective

Kathy Xu

The Dorsal Effect

Nicole Ooi


Raine Ong


Sherry Soon

Be Kind SG

Tan Yi Han


Tina Tan


Raymond Chang

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