Our Story

A Good Space is Singapore’s first co-operative to gather diverse changemakers, activists, dreamers, social entrepreneurs, charities and more, to create the Singapore of our dreams, together.

Our Vision

The Singapore of our dreams is made up of pro-active communities of active citizens

Our Mission

To establish A Good Space as a community-owned co-operative where collaboration and innovation happens amongst diverse changemakers to create a Singaporean society we all believe in.

Our Story So Far

Here’s what we’ve been up to since we started in 2017

The Beginning

In February 2017, two friends gathered for a conversation. Both were deeply concerned about the increasing polarization of our society and world – whether in race, religion, class or ability.

In Singapore, we have the haves and have-nots, locals and migrant worker. Around the world, we have the Leave or Remain in Brexit, anti-Islamic rhetoric, the list goes on…

The implicit trust we have of each other in the society seems to be eroding. They wondered: How can we create more and safer places for more understanding and acceptance, without waiting for the government to do this for us?

How can we mobilise the collective wisdom of the community to bring us closer, not further apart?



The two friends, Anthea Ong (social changemaker and founder of Hush Tea Bar) and Melissa Kwee (CEO of the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre) came together to conspire A Good Space as a community-led effort to support active citizenry on 3 levels:

1. Cultivate Empathy

Towards diverse social issues through innovative experiences created by active citizen changemakers

2. Encourage active citizenry 

Support ordinary citizens to start and amplify their initiatives for good

3. Deepen collaboration 

Facilitate cross-pollination amongst diverse changemakers and with the private and public sector

The first Good Space was born at the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre, with the support of the team and the Citizen Engagement Fund from the Ministry of Community, Culture and Youth that helped us all to kickstart the journey.


Over the last 2 years, this community has evolved way beyond what we could have imagined, with over 334 activities and projects being organised by 92 active citizen changemakers, for over 7,676 people, with the youngest being just 10 years old and the oldest 92 years old!

But still, changemaking is hard. Good intentions don’t always lead to good outcomes. So many changemakers we met are constantly trying to do more with less resources, struggling to overcome many challenges alone. 

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We are at a momentous time in our young nation’s history, as the 4G leadership assumes power and has set its intention to partner Singaporeans in new ways, to design and implement policies together.

There is a shift from a government that focuses primarily on ‘working for the people’ to a government that ‘works with the people, for the people’, one that champions active citizenry.

In support of this approach, A Good Space aims to become a community owned co-operative that brings together active citizens, community based organisations, social enterprises, companies and anyone concerned about social problems to create the Singapore of our dreams, together.

Also, we believe we can unlock many possibilities to overcome our challenges if we come together as a co-op, that we cannot do alone.

We are Singapore's first co-operative
for changemakers by changemakers

We believe every citizen can be a changemaker. As a co-operative, we hope to do six things for Singapore.

Cultivate Empathy

Towards diverse social issues through innovative experiences created by our members


Encourage Active Citizenry

Support ordinary citizens to start and amplify their initiatives for good


Deepen Collaboration

Between diverse changemakers to solve some of Singapore’s most pressing social issues


Create Financial Sustainability

Changemakers struggle to find funds and revenue to sustain the good work they are doing. We want to help change that


Mobilise Companies

To use their people and resources to benefit the communities around them


Nurture Civic Leaders

To create more strategic change through opportunities like workshops and closed door dialogues with key influencers

Our Values

These are the values that guide our vision and mission at A Good Space

Our Logo

The unstructured lines embody our intent of perspective expansion and experimentation. Through the coloured dots, we celebrate diversity and intuition (with the letters A and E being intuitively derived).

The emphasised word ‘SPACE’ inspires strength and safety. Our tagline: Where People of Purpose Play further bring out our values of purpose and play.

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