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As a professional speech and language therapist, I work with many stroke and brain injury survivors who suffer from Aphasia.

Hence, I am deeply aware of the challenges faced by persons with aphasia (PWA) and their caregivers on a daily basis.

PWA are often misunderstood; their competence masked by a language deficit. Studies have showed that PWA often suffer from social isolation and depression due to the limited access to social and leisure activities in the community.

I founded Chit Chat Cafe so that there is a platform for PWA to interact and gain confidence to eventually re-integrate into the community.

Aphasia is an acquired language impairment due to a stroke or brain injury. Aphasia causes difficulty in speaking, understanding others, reading and writing however it does NOT affect intelligence.

Unlike physical disability, Aphasia is an invisible disability.

Chit Chat Chat is a safe space for persons with aphasia (PWA). It exists to provide a support network for PWA and their caregivers. My team and I are passionate about building an inclusive Singapore for PWA and individuals with communication disabilities!

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Chit Chat Cafe

I aspire to develop Chit Chat Cafe into a real pop-up cafe that becomes a training and hiring platform for PWA who are seeking return-to-work opportunities!

Evelyn KhooChit Chat Cafe
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