June Chua

The T Project

June wanted to empower the community and make it sustainable such that there is no more need for The T Project by next generation.

Founded by June Chua and her late sister Alicia Chua in 2014, The T Project is the first and only social service for the transgender community in Singapore. They realised that there were many gaps in the existing social service sectors, which did not address the needs of Singapore’s transgender community. They first decided to open a shelter that would serve as a temporary safe haven for anyone who was homeless in the community.

Since then, June has gone on to a broad range of outreach and advocacy events. In Singapore, she has spoken at numerous panels and conferences, and collaborated with local educational institutions and social workers.

Empowering Singapore’s Trans Community through providing a safe space and social support. The T Project shelter provides a safe haven for the homeless in the community while they seek employment, healthcare, and more permanent accommodations.

We also provide information and resources the transgender community and the public on trans focused information, ranging from sexual health to employment resources. At our community centre, we offer peer counseling for transgender individuals either through referrals from partners or appointments.

The T Project ran their first human-library event on 27 April, inviting transgender individuals to share their compelling stories with members of the public. Issues like homelessness, discrimination, mental wellbeing and societal stigma were discussed, with authentic and honest conversations taking place in a safe space.

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I dream for everyone to be able to live their fairy tale life.

June ChuaThe T Project
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