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Whiteisntblack Consultancy

As a Single Parent herself, she experienced first-hand the discrimination present in the workplace. She was told many times by companies during interviews that she was qualified but due to her inability to work full-time, aka ‘married to the job’; they couldn’t hire her as there’s no such flexi hours for Single Moms in SG.

She had faced the same journey as many Single Parents do and believe change begins from ‘You’. Leezibet started her company because of her goal to help as many moms bring their dream jobs to life and leverages on the passion, drive, and talent of moms.

Leezibet Heinzraiden is the founder of WhiteIsntBlack Consultancy, a startup platform that trains, coaches, and helps turn ideas into income with the aid of technology and online marketing.

She believes that moms have great business ideas that can help change the way people work and live. The company primarily works with single moms, stay-at-home moms, and businesswomen looking into a shift of traditional business to online platforms.

Leezibet runs events addressing issues relating to Single Parents, while creating awareness on the discrimination that single parents face. She also conducts workshops on how to start a micro-business for Single Parents to earn supplement income, helping them explore how they can capitalise on their talents and passion to generate income flexibly.

Social Issue

Single Parents
Women Empowerment



I dream of an open market for flexible working hours for Single Parents. A Singapore where there is no exclusion, and single parents are treated like other working individuals.

Leezibet HeinzraidenWhiteisntblack Consultancy
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