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ExtraOrdinary Horizons

Lily is the founder of ExtraOrdinary Horizons (Deaf Singapore), a social enterprise that aims to bring about awareness and knowledge about the Deaf community to the rest of the world, and help Deaf to better integrate into mainstream society and to be accepted for who they are.

The lack of awareness about deafness in society and unequal treatment faced by persons with disability compelled her to start her own initiative. As a deaf person herself, she has made extraordinary efforts to dispel stereotypes against people with disability. She was propelled to national fame when she made it through two rounds of Season 1 of Singapore Idol. Since then, she continues to represent Singapore in various international and regional music festivals, writing music and teaching sign language.

Registered in 2011, ExtraOrdinary Horizons (EO Horizons) is an enterprise run by Deaf with its vision to create an inclusive society where the disadvantaged attain confidence in their own abilities.

Revenue from courses, workshops and performances are used to sustain this social enterprise and fund Deaf employment. The performances also contribute to the development and support of deaf performing arts scene in Singapore. The employment of the disadvantaged help them to gain self-confidence to overcome life challenges through their attained skills and knowledge to become contributing members of the society.

We aim to promote deaf awareness through our sign language courses, workshops, interpretation/translation services and performances. EO Horizons also aims to help Deaf better integrate into mainstream society and to be accepted for who they are.

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My dream is to grow more interpreters, and to make society more inclusive for the deaf and hard of hearing

Lily GohEO Horizons

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