Lionel and Lisa

Dyad Evening


Lionel and Lisa are partners in life whose mission is to help others lead better lives. They believe that as social creatures, humans crave communication and they seek to serve those who are open to have honest communication within themselves and with others.

Success to them is where people are able to be truly themselves and stay true to their hearts while still balancing the demands of life, work and relationships and making conscious choices about both the former and the latter.

They hope to create more spaces where people from all walks of life are able to and feel safe enough to come and be open and honest in their communication. In doing so, we can create a better space for us as human beings to interact, which in turn brings more understanding and tolerance in communities and society.


The Dyad Evening is a platform and space where attendees can come and experience authentic communication as well as gain clarity around common life issues such as power, money and sex. It is also a place where attendees can learn a simple process of communication that allows them to connect easily with others.

It serves those who are open to have honest communication within themselves and with others. It also serves those who would like to gain new perspectives and clarity around life issues and challenges.

Many people do not get a chance to say what they want to say or need to say without being interrupted or invalidated. The Dyad Evening allows them the chance to do that and learn how to bring this form of communication into life and improve their conversations with others.

Social Issue

Self-Discovery, Social Inclusion, Love and Relationships


Paired Conversations