Marissa Teo

Acting Up Singapore

Our Story

Acting Up is a social enterprise with a focus on multi-modal, creative arts interventions for emotionally vulnerable youth and the people involved in their care. Using the arts as a platform for therapeutic engagement, Acting Up serves as a preventive and rehabilitative support for the community.

Acting Up also runs a youth advocacy group which consists of recovered/recovering youth. Using the arts as a platform, they promote mental health awareness to other youth in need through showcases and workshops.

Why We Started

Having worked with youth for the past 10 years within tertiary education systems and child protective services, I realised that most work with youth is not preventive in nature. As my training is in the performing arts and psychology, I wanted to use these skills as a creative and different way to engage youth before mental health intervention is even needed. It isn’t easy to describe issues such as depression in words, but as art, dance, music…these feelings come to life and can be dealt with in a safe and engaging way.

The Dream

To engage more institutions and schools in preventive work, and for the youth beneficiaries to learn the ropes in eventually taking over Acting Up’s projects

Acting Up


We run mental health awareness showcases and workshops, with a focus on using a multi-modal arts platform for therapeutic engagement. Some of their services and programmes include:

• Multi-modal, creative arts therapy programmes for groups and individuals
• Training for professionals and caregivers
• Targeted and customized workshops
• Short and long-term preventive and rehabilitative programmes
• Mentorship and employment opportunities for youth at risk
• Mental health advocacy events and projects

Social Issue

Youth Mental Health


Arts Therapy