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With the rise of voluntourism and the flow of foreign aid into countries, the need to rethink the model of service work in schools sparked off the initial idea to start Skillseed.

Skillseed is a social enterprise that collaborates with NGOs and other social enterprises across Asia (and sometimes beyond) to craft themed, experiential learning journeys for social impact!

We are on a mission to help 10,000 youths and young at heart match passion to potential, discover purpose and become change-catalysts through our experiential learning courses for social impact, by 2030.

Skillseed is a social enterprise that crafts and curates experiential learning journeys with the aim of promoting skilled volunteerism. We also run workshops and trainings aimed at equipping teams and communities with social innovation and socio-emotional skills.

Success, to them, is facilitating youth’s growth in terms of their passion to make social impact, personal development, global awareness, community engagement, and cultural competence – while simultaneously facilitating projects that create a sustainable impact on host commun

Skillseed runs sharings by their community partners. They organize workshops where leaders of non-profits and social enterprises from around the world share their work with youths looking to discover their purpose through volunteer opportunities across different fields.

Previous topics include:

  • Connecting Communities, Healing Through Art
  • Global Health, Global Impact
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People are at the heart of what we do - collaborating and working with individuals and communities to reach their goals is something we believe in.


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