Quek Wan Ting

Authentic Relating

In my 29 years of life, I have often felt alone, misunderstood and rejected. I denied who I was and tried to be someone else, which made me miserable. I came to a point where I had to change or “die”, a time of great darkness.

I hope people never have to reach that place before they want something different, to just be themselves. 11 years of personal work, reflecting, making mistakes and trying again. I understand that we are all suffering. But there is a different way to live, and thus I do what I do.

I advocate for mental health, by sharing an empowering perspective. Instead of seeing simply with their mental diagnosis, we see them as a consequence of past events and that symptoms are often a way of/ or a consequence of dealing with these events.

Through embodiment, we can heal ourselves through our body, by reconnecting to our body and ourselves (body awareness and self-awareness), regulate difficult emotions, and develop meaningful relationships.

I hope for more people to know and embrace movement as a way of healing, for people to come home into their bodies. I hope for us to start talking about mental health differently and be able to see each other human-human and relate as so. I hope for all of us to be simply ourselves, and nobody else.

Mental Health Advocacy Talks:
A conversational and experiential talk for mental health advocacy, to re-understand what mental health diagnoses mean and be empowered to make better choices.

Moving Circles:
In this experiential circle, we come together to explore different themes through the body, movement and dance. We start with an opening circle and move into embodiment practices, of talking, listening and conversing with our bodies. We explore through the body, dance, movement, sounds and words, as an individual, pair, and in group. In the closing circle, we come together to share and inspire each other.

Social Issue

Mental Health


Movement Therapy
Moving Circle
Advocacy Talks

I hope for all of us to be simply ourselves, and nobody else.

Quek Wan TingMoving Circle
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