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Social experiments focused on expanding perspectives of participants using innovative and immersive formats that previously have not been explored. Some examples include:

Shades of Grey

In an inreasingly polarised world, are issues black and white, or are there different shades of grey? Can we really have a dialogue over issues that may not have a definite answer?

This is a social experiment that aims to bring people with deeply diverse views to find common grounds within a safe and facilitated context.

Good Starter

Lewis Liu

Social Issue


Here's What People Are Saying

“I think A Good Space provides a safe space for people to have diverse conversations and alternative viewpoints. Most importantly, I learnt that not everybody thinks the same way as myself on some issues and I actually think that I should give more thought before I come to a conclusion on my view on it.”

DennisShades of Grey

“We discussed the trolley problem and what it may mean for our policies and how we value human life… it really was about going beyond and expanding my comfort zone. When I came in I held quite strong opposing views and now I’ve moderated my view a bit…I’m gonna leave tonight thinking a lot more thoroughly about my positions and what are the principles I should hold…”

SuhaileShades of Grey

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