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Whether you are an ordinary citizen, ground-up, social enterprise, non-profit or organization, we want to hear your ideas and support you! Come join our community of 43+ changemakers (we call them Good Starters) creating positive social impact in Singapore!

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Does Your Project Have These 3 Elements?

Events at A Good Space are curated based on the following elements. Each project will be reviewed by the curatorial team before being selected to come on board A Good Space.

Expand perspectives towards a social issue

Your project must address a social issue and through the activities you organise, help participants to learn more about that social issue.

In an innovative way

You could address a social issue that is rarely addressed (e.g. LGBTQ, migrant workers, etc) or use different formats to address common social issues (e.g. dance, video games, art, photo exhibitions, etc).

Open to the public

So that people of all walks of life can come together and interact with each other.

We Support Good Starters of A Good Space
in 4 Key Areas

Learn From and Collaborate With Over 42 Good Starters of A Good Space

Change making doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. Come connect, share ideas and collaborate with some of Singapore’s brightest and most passionate changemakers, covering over 26 social issues, all in one place!

Champion Your Cause To More People Across Singapore

Through our partnerships with companies, schools and organisations, you’ll receive opportunities to champion your cause and touch more lives on a bigger scale.

Some organisations we are working with include Universities like the National University of Singapore (NUS) and corporations like Singapore Post and Johnson and Johnson.

Become a Partner

Let's have a chat to explore how A Good Space can best support your initiative!

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Get More Exposure

Get more attendees for your events by tapping on our responsive, 2,000 strong, online community and email database. You may also receive opportunities to be featured in the media to increase awareness for your cause.

Free Venue Space For Your Events

Get access to cosy and comfortable spaces of all sizes, conveniently located to host your events. As we grow, more spaces across Singapore will become available.

Currently, venue spaces are mostly based at the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC). To see the venues, watch the video on the right.

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What is the commitment to be a Good Starter?

We hope to eventually build A Good Space into a movement that is owned and led by our Good Starters. Thus, we have the following requirement for partners as part of community building:

1.   Attend 2 community huddles per year

Organised once per quarter, we bring all our Good Starters together at these huddles to exchange ideas, support one another and collaborate

2.   Organise 2 events per quarter (suggested)

In the spirit of community building and to build up a vibrant calendar of events, we ask Good Starters to organise regular events. It’s fine if you do not have the bandwidth to organise 2 events per quarter, we just ask that you commit to organising more than a one-off event.

3.   Conduct a pre and post event survey of attendees

We will co-create the questions with you to understand how the perspectives of attendees have been expanded.

4.   Create a Peatix and Facebook page for each event co-hosted with us

So that we can help you share the links to our social media community and email database.

5.   Share emails of attendees with us

We get all Good Starters to collect attendee emails and we’ll compile into one database where we send out a weekly email on events happening that week. As the community grows, so does your reach to new attendees for your events and causes.

Is there a membership fee to be a Good Starter?

It is completely free to be a Good Starter at A Good Space and receive the benefits mentioned above! Just click on the ‘Apply Now’ button on the right to submit an application to get started.

What are you looking for in Good Starters?

We are looking for anyone with a project that:

  • Expands perspectives towards a social issue
  • In an innovative way
  • Is open to the public

It could be a fully fledged movement, an initiative that’s just starting out, or even an idea that you can’t stop thinking about, all are welcome!

We feel that innovation can come in 3 forms:

1. Innovative in segments

Reaching out to groups of people that have previously never been reached out to before e.g. migrant workers, LGBTQ, etc

2. Innovative in formats

While the segment or issue could be common, conducting different formats of activities to address the segment or issue can also be innovative. e.g. dance, video games, art, photo exhibitions, etc

3. Innovative in social inclusion

Bringing together two groups of people who would previously not intersect. e.g. youth and elderly through mentorship, migrant workers and PMETs

I organise a support group for a vulnerable group of people (e.g. teenage mothers) that is not open to the public. Can I still host events at A Good Space?

Yes that is possible. In special circumstances such as a support group for teenage mothers or sexual assault / harassment survivors, we understand the need for privacy.

We are open to supporting these private support groups if they are conducted with a view to a public event in the future. In the spirit of truly expanding perspectives, we hope to bring groups of people that would not previously intersect together for empathy to be cultivated on both sides.

I don't have the bandwidth to organise 2 events per quarter. Can I still apply to be a Good Starter?

In the spirit of community building and to build up a vibrant calendar of events, we ask Good Starters to organise regular events. It’s fine if you do not have the bandwidth to organise 2 events per quarter, we just ask that you commit to organising more than a one-off event.

What if I have a question that is not listed here?

Feel free to contact us by clicking here or by emailing us directly at agoodspace@nvpc.org.sg and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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