Our Team

A Good Space is a co-operative set up by changemakers for changemakers. We are a group of passionate humans who care about diverse social issues and believe in creating positive change, together.

Committee of Management

Anthea Ong


Since 2009, Anthea has started several community projects across diverse social issues, including Project Yoga on Wheels, Playground of Joy and more recently, the WorkWell Leaders WorkGroup which brings together C-suite leaders to champion workplace mental health as a strategic priority and Welcome in My Backyard, which hopes to encourage a more welcoming Singapore for our migrant workers.

Besides co-founding A Good Space 3 years ago, she is also the founder of Hush TeaBar (Singapore’s first silent teabar facilitated by Deaf employees and supported by persons with lived experience in mental health conditions).

Anthea was recently a Nominated Member of Parliament from 2018-2020 and has contributed on various national committees and boards of non-profits.

Tines Anbarasan


Tines is the Managing Director of serendipET, a social enterprise offering experiential learning programs for all demographics and psychographics.

A firm believer of the saying: “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”, Tines has volunteered his skills as a Facilitator and Experience Designer for multiple charities over the years.

Ashokan Ramakhrisnan


Ashokan believes that communities play a key part in change. He is the Director for the Smart Metering division of a local Internet-of-Things technology provider and serves as the honorary secretary of SPARK – a Singapore-based charity helping people living with Attention Deficit Hyper Activity thrive.

He also serves as the Immediate Past President of the Mother Earth Toastmasters Club, a special tribe passionate about speaking up for Mother Earth.

T. Ranganayaki


Ranga is Deputy Executive Director at Beyond Social Services, which enables public rental housing neighbourhoods to be ‘villages’ that raise their children well. She is also on the Board of Compassion Fund Ltd and The Constellation, an international organisation that grows community based responses to social issues the world over.

Her formal education is in social sciences, mass communication and social work. She is also trained in community development, restorative justice and stakeholder engagement. Ranga looks forward to engaging more people in peace building efforts to create a society that is kinder, fairer and more cooperative.

Evelyn Khoo

Evelyn Khoo

Lead, Membership Committee

Evelyn is a passionate advocate for persons with aphasia (PWA) and the founder of Aphasia SG, the first non-profit organisation supporting PWA and their caregivers in Singapore.

She is also an experienced speech & language pathologist with a demonstrated history of working across clinical settings – acute hospital, community, home-based therapy.

Working Team

Vincent Ng

Community Lead

Vincent cares deeply about the issue of youth mental health and has cultivated a passion for education and contributing to positive social change.

He brings an intimate knowledge of the different changemakers in the A Good Space community and experience from curating over 300 of their events to designing transformational events that inspire social change. 

Founding Members

Anthea Ong

Founder, Hush TeaBar

Melissa Kwee


Evelyn Khoo

Founder, AphasiaSG

Tines Anbarasan

Co-Founder, SerendipET

Abhishek Bajaj

Founder, 6th Sense

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