What if every employee was a changemaker?

Purpose and social responsibility are increasingly important drivers for employee engagement. Let’s work together to harness the talents of your employees as changemakers for the good of your business and society.

Younger employees prefer value-based employment. Care for the community and social purpose are no longer nice-to-haves, but are expected to sit at the core of an organisation's operational philosophy
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Edelman, NTU WKWSCI and Marsh & McLennan Companies

Purposeful employees creating change can be good for both business and society

Beyond traditional one-off volunteering opportunities, we believe that going one step further to empower employees to be changemakers can be a powerful lever for business objectives such as boosting employee well-being, attracting top-notch talent and talent development.

Doing good doesn’t always need to be a cost center. When every employee is a changemaker creating solutions for social issues through their talents and organisational resources, everyone wins.

Bring changemaking to your workplace

We create authentic, tailored learning experiences to engage employees, by pairing employers with an array of changemakers to drive positive social change for diverse, under-served communities.


Design unique, unusual and unforgettable experiences to engage your employees

Whether it’s a silent tea experience facilitated by Deaf persons, an art workshop conducted by a blind artist or a learning circle about seniors’ quality of life, we can design different immersive experiences with varying lengths for your employees to engage directly with issues and people on the ground.

Create opportunities for meaningful conversations between colleagues, partners and clients while inspiring your employees to discover a sense of purpose at work by connecting with different social issues.


Connect you to changemakers beyond established charities and reach diverse, under-served social communities

We can connect your employees with a variety of causes and communities, especially those that may be under-served or overlooked. From mental health to seniors; climate change to rental flat communities, our changemakers cover a wide range of communities that can cater to your employees’ varying interests.

Instead of spending time you don’t have searching for charities or groups you can work with, leverage on the deep relationships we have built over the years to find new possibilities in impacting communities.


Position your workplace as an employer of choice

People want to work for workplaces that are socially responsible and customers want to buy from companies that put goodness at the forefront of their business. By motivating employees to champion social projects, you can equip them with a sense of purpose, improve their problem solving skills and develop their talents, all while creating a positive impact for society.

Invest in your employees and our community

By partnering with A Good Space, you are investing in both your employees and our community of changemakers. Rather than simply paying for the services of a training vendor, you are contributing to our vision for a more collaborative future of changemaking in Singapore.

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Bring changemaking to your workplace

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