Our Team

A Good Space is a co-operative set up by changemakers for changemakers. We are a group of passionate humans who care about diverse social issues and believe in creating positive change, together.

Committee of Management

Akin to the Board of Directors in a charity, the Committee of Management (COM) are elected by our members to care for the strategic and governance aspects of the co-operative.

Ashokan Ramakrishnan​


Ashokan believes that communities play a key part in change. He is the Director for the Smart Metering division of a local Internet-of-Things technology provider and serves as the honorary secretary of SPARK – a Singapore-based charity helping people living with Attention Deficit Hyper Activity thrive. 

Profile picture of Ranga
Ranganayaki Thangavelu


Ranga has been in the charity sector for more than 20 years. She is an accredited social worker and community development practitioner, especially in the rental housing neighbourhoods in Singapore. Recently, she stepped down from her role as deputy executive director at Beyond Social Services to explore new opportunities and challenges.

She is a former journalist and feature writer and is passionate about amplifying the voices of the marginalised. Ranga is also a visiting lecturer in social work at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule Potsdam) in Germany. She sits on the Board of The Constellation, an international network of practitioners focused on community-led change, and Compassion Fund Ltd, a locally registered charity. 

Toh Kian Beng


Kian Beng is the co-founder of The Ubuntu Space, a social enterprise with a mission to foster a more connected and healthier world through Play. The Ubuntu Space designs playspaces and experiences to unlock and maximise potential in individuals, teams and systems, and navigate complexities, through behavioural-science backed programmes for sustained changes. 

Describing himself as a “kampung boy with a city guy’s heart”, Kian Beng is guided by simplicity and gratitude as he serves others. In his 20 over years of community work, he has raised awareness for food loss issues and has worked with disadvantaged youths, seniors, and special needs individuals. Motivated to share his experiences with the youths, he is an active mentor with Voices Of Asia and is now serving in its Executive Committee and programs’ organising committees. Kian Beng is also a passionate volunteer with OnePeople.sg, facilitating events and workshops for conversations in inter-racial and inter-ethnic issues and received a long service award in January 2024 for his contributions.

Adrian Tan

COM Member

Adrian, as co-founder of SG Assist, embodies a profound commitment to caregiving. Through collaborative efforts, he spearheads initiatives to bolster support for seniors and their caregivers. Adrian’s inspiring journey invites others to join in nurturing a culture of compassion and empowerment. With his vision and empathy, SG Assist strides forward, empowering caregivers and fostering healthy aging in communities. 

Profile photo of Daniel
Daniel Tay

COM Member

Daniel is a food waste activist who adopted a freegan lifestyle in 2017. This allowed him to retire at age 40, which gives him the time and energy to take on meaningful projects where he uses his three gifts of connecting people, organising information and writing. Some of these projects include writing books, giving two TEDx talks, co-founding communities that apply the principles of freeganism, helping to build the A Good Space community, and even raising the issue of food waste in Parliament. 

Evelyn Khoo

COM Member

Evelyn is a passionate aphasia advocate and the founder of Aphasia SG, the first non-profit organisation supporting persons with aphasia and their caregivers in Singapore. Aphasia is a communication disorder that occurs to individuals after a brain injury. 

She is a practising speech and language therapist who has experience across clinical settings and specialises in working with clients with neurological conditions. Evelyn hopes to make the world a better place for all persons with communication and swallowing difficulties through her professional and volunteer work.

Louis Puah

COM Member

Louis has been working towards educational change since 2015, with his social enterprises Praxium, and Crater. He is a certified career coach, supporting youth in discovering their passions, purpose, and aspirations in order to chart their own education and career path. He is a strong believer that each of us must choose to pursue meaning and purpose, and work together as a collective to achieve positive social impact. He also enjoys board games and meeting new people.

Past COM Members

The past Committee of Management who have contributed to the foundations of A Good Space.

Term of Service Members
2nd COM 27 Nov 2021 to 16 Dec 2023 Ashokan Ramakrishnan (Chairperson)
Jennifer Lim (Secretary)
Toh Kian Beng (Treasurer)
Quek Wan Ting
Daniel Tay
1st COM
(Founding COM)
1 Apr 2020 to 27 Nov 2021 Anthea Ong (Chairperson)
Tines Anbarasan (Secretary)
Ashokan Ramakrishnan (Treasurer)
Ranganayaki Thangavelu
Evelyn Khoo
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