What We Do

A Good Space is Singapore’s first co-operative to gather diverse changemakers, activists, dreamers, social entrepreneurs, charities and more, to create change for the social issues and communities we care about, together.

Our Vision

We believe every human being can realize their talents and potential to create a better society and in doing so, discover their purpose and humanity.

About Us

A Good Space (AGS) started as an informal movement in 2017 to encourage active citizenry and was officially incorporated as a co-operative under the Co-operative Societies Act of the Republic of Singapore on 31st March 2020, UEN: T20CS0002H.

We have 3 main social impact aspirations:

Create a nourishing environment for changemakers to sustain their projects and flourish

Over the years speaking and working with diverse changemakers, we discovered that they face 5 key challenges which makes it difficult for them to sustain their projects. Many eventually feel burnt-out and alone. Some drop out – which is what nobody wants.

Through our membership experience, we seek to create a nourishing environment for changemakers to find sustainability, resilience and flourish. 

We believe that we can create new possibilities to overcome our challenges by coming together, instead of struggling alone.

Deepen collaboration and accountability amongst diverse changemakers

Changemakers often work in silos, which leads to an inability to address stubborn, structural issues which often require collaboration and cross-sector solutions. There are also many panel discussions and talks out there but few mechanisms of accountability to ensure talk gets translated into impact.

Through our signature Living Labs program (more info coming soon), we hope to create a sustained infrastructure for diverse changemakers to prototype new solutions together to advance complex social issues

We bring changemaking to the workplace

What if doing good was not seen as an annual volunteering activity to be ticked off? What if nurturing employees to become changemakers can be a powerful way to engage employees meaningfully, attract top-notch talent and contribute to better mental well-being outcomes?

We believe every employee can be a changemaker and seek to create authentic, tailored learning experiences to connect them with people and issues on the ground, so that they can harness their personal and organisational resources to drive social change with diverse and under-served communities.

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Velda Wong

“The content of the events helps expand my perspectives on how I can contribute to different communities and play a part in creating an inclusive society”

Velda Wong

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