Our Values

These are the values that guide us as a co-operative, alongside the images that we feel best represents each value

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Everyone in the community can be a changemaker

We commit to intentionally nurture an environment that enfolds those on the margins of our society to harness the deep wisdom from their lived experiences to be changemakers.

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We dare to dream and embark on uncharted paths

We have the audacity to imagine new futures for a better society. In the face of fear, self-doubt, sacrifices, conflicts and stumbles, we dig deep into our values to find courage to act and speak up for what we believe in. Amidst conventional paths of success, we are guided by our moral compass to invent our own.

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We give space for uncertainty and questions

We recognize that changemaking is not a linear process so we dance with uncertainty to uncover white spaces for social change. We get our hands dirty to experiment and prototype transformative solutions our society needs.

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We have a responsibility to the communities we care about

We are responsible and accountable to the causes and communities we care about. Beyond talking about issues, we follow through and commit to taking action over a period of time, reviewing if any positive change has been made along the way.

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Everyone in the community has power

We believe we have the agency to solve community problems, without waiting for the government or institutions to do it for us. Members have opportunities to participate in setting policies and make key decisions for the co-op through a democratic vote (one member, one vote) where everyone can have a say.

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Small steps add up to a well-travelled journey

The path to social change can be a long and winding one but we keep going with faith, grit and strength. Like a flywheel gaining momentum as it turns, we believe that consistent small steps add up to a well-travelled journey.

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We have fun and experience joy through making a difference

While the social issues we care about can be serious, we believe social impact should be fun! We embrace play and a child-like wonder to discover and create wonderfully new approaches to making a difference. In doing so, we discover a deep inner joy that comes from surrendering ourselves to a cause or community..

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We nourish each other to grow in a safe environment

We nourish and care for each other, creating a safe environment of kindred spirits who genuinely want each other to succeed. We can be vulnerable, show up as our authentic selves and grow. Like a tree providing shade, the community is our shelter from hardships. In creating social change, we have an opportunity to heal, transform and discover our humanity.

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