Shared IT Services

We are taking a sensing of whether AGS members may be keen to share the use of IT services and platforms.

People sharing the use of computers

Expand Capabilities

Gain access to a shared set of online tools that can make your work more efficient and effective. Attend workshops to learn how some of these tools could help you at work.

Save Money

Make use of a variety of online tools with a small and affordable rate. Basically pay a lower fee than if you had to pay for all the services and tools separately.

Platforms We Can Share

There are a lot of tools and platforms available out there. The ones listed here are some that AGS has used before in the past years and may have some value for us. We are interested to learn about what platform you feel may be beneficial for our community and members.

Community Management
Audience Engagement

and others based on your request…

Next Steps

Fill in the form here to indicate your interest to share the use of some of the platforms listed above, as well as other platforms that you may have on your mind.