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A Good Space aims to be a Co-operative of Active Citizens for Singapore

Who We Are

A co-operative (registration pending) that brings together active citizens, community based organisations, social enterprises, companies and anyone concerned about social problems to create the Singapore of our dreams, together.

What We Do

We see ourselves achieving four key objectives for Singapore, through our various products and services:
1) Create sustainability for citizen changemakers
2) Encourage collaboration amongst diverse changemakers
3) Engage the private sector for employees to be active citizens
4) Develop civic capability in changemakers

Learn About Social Issues Through Innovative Activities

Come learn about a wide range of social issues through innovative activities, social experiments, games and events organised by our changemakers!

Over 11 social issue categories are covered by our changemakers, including climate change, social inequality, mental wellness, seniors and more. From Poverty Simulations to a Feast with Seniors, there's something enriching for everyone!

“A very soulful session and so nice to connect with someone who’s done so much work in building communities and creating social impact at a global level! My main takeaway was his perspective on participatory design – how can we plan and design in a way where we ask and listen to communities, while surrendering control and be open to possible outcomes.”

Min XuanPut a Little SALT in Your Life Public Lecture

“We discussed the trolley problem and what it may mean for our policies and how we value human life. At first, I held quite strong opposing views and now I've moderated my views after hearing the different perspectives. I’m gonna leave today thinking a lot more thoroughly about my positions and what are the principles I should hold.”

SuhaileShades of Grey

“I just came out from this crazy experience where I laughed non-stop and felt very happy! I think we need more of these in Singapore to laugh for no reason, regulate ourselves and treat each other with more kindness as we are a very stressful society. Hopefully this session is the first of many!”

JustinLaugh Club

“Although I'm a Boyanese, I'm not in touch with the language so this was a very good introductory session to know the history of the Boyanese, the language and how it's being incorporated into the Singapore context.”

AtikahBoyanese Language Workshop

Let's Build a Movement Together!


Volunteer your time and skills to help our Good Starters champion their social causes.


Have a project to create positive social change? Let us support you.


Have unused venue spaces or wish to engage your employees in social issues? Let's collaborate!

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