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Singapore’s first co-operative for changemakers, by changemakers

About A Good Space

We are Singapore’s first co-operative co-owned by changemakers. Our social mission is to help our 43 changemaker members to sustain their projects and flourish, whilst facilitating collaborative solutions for complex social issues and nurturing employees to become changemakers.

Our community

At its core, A Good Space is a community of ordinary citizen changemakers who choose to come together because we believe that as a collective, we can do more for the issues and communities we care about. We are currently 43 members, all based in Singapore.

Discover our membership experience

Over the years speaking and working with diverse changemakers, we discovered that they face 5 key challenges which makes it difficult for them to sustain their projects. Many eventually feel burnt-out and alone. Some drop out – which is what nobody wants.

Through our membership experience, we seek to create a nourishing environment for changemakers to find sustainability, resilience and flourish. When we come together, we can unlock new possibilities to overcome the challenges we face, rather than struggling alone.

Bring changemaking to your workplace

We believe every employee can be a changemaker and seek to create authentic, tailored learning experiences to connect them with people and issues on the ground, so that they can harness their personal and organisational resources to drive social change with diverse and under-served communities.

Follow Our Journey

We share our experiences, lessons we’ve learnt and reflections along this journey of discovery as a co-operative of changemakers. Here are some of our latest writings.

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Velda Wong

“The content of the events helps expand my perspectives on how I can contribute to different communities and play a part in creating an inclusive society”

Velda Wong

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