Listening Report: Issues Faced by Low-Income Communities in Singapore

UPDATE: As of 22 April 2022, the Listening Report has been revised and updated for factual accuracy. To view the original version of this document published on 17 December 2021, please click here.

In Apr 2020, our Founding Chairperson Anthea founded the Mind The Gap Collective (MTG) with 8 social service agencies, non-profits and ground-up groups, to join forces in an emergency response for low-income families struggling financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the collective initially hoped to raise S$50,000, an outpouring of generosity from Singaporeans enabled it to raise S$1.12 million from 585 donors.

This experience deeply transformed several members of the MTG. We realised that the aid we gave was just a mere drop in the ocean, a short-term fix for longer-term issues that affected their quality of life.

Beyond giving financial aid to help low-income families beat the odds in the short-term, we wondered: what more could we do to change the odds for low-income communities in Singapore?

Over 9 months from Nov 2020 – Oct 2021, we read various research reports that examined issues faced by low-income communities, by agencies such as Beyond Social Services, AWARE, and the National Volunteer Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), among others.

We then consulted 9 leaders – from ground-up movements, academics, employers, non-profit organisations, government agencies, to members from low-income communities.

This Listening Report is a compilation of all the research we have done in the past 9 months. Read on to find out more about the 3 key issues faced by low-income communities in Singapore and what you can do to sign up for our Listening Living Labs open call!

Click here to download the Listening Report! [4.3 MB]

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