Let’s Reimagine Singapore, Together!

But first, we will need to ask questions.

Do you sometimes imagine Singapore to be a little (or a lot) different? Maybe a Singapore that has removed all National exams? A Singapore with a Prime Minister who is a woman? A Singapore that is more diverse and inclusive of marginalised communities?

The #ReimagineSG campaign was born out of both uncertainty and hope. As we celebrated our nation’s 55th of independence in the midst of a pandemic, it has become more obvious that we can no longer rely on finding just “one right answer” to our issues.

Instead, the pandemic has revealed to us the value and importance of opening up space for new possibilities and new futures for what Singapore can be. A Good Space hopes to, with #ReimagineSG, encourage more citizens to be actively involved in nation building.

What are you concerned about? What, to you, is an important question to ask?

Get involved! We invite all to use the interactive Padlet Board below to:

Submit a question that you care about (Start by creating a post under “New posts”. You do not have to ask a question that fits in the given themes.)

Respond to questions posed by your fellow Singaporeans (Scroll towards the right to view all the questions!)

Upvote questions you like for others to see it (Feel free to vote for more than one question!)

“The power to question is the basis of all human progress” – Indira Gandhi.

Let’s create the Singapore of our dreams together, one question at a time.
Let us #ReimagineSG together!

On Board Etiquette and Moderation:

1.  All views expressed by individuals on the board are not representative of AGS’ views. They belong solely to the participants themselves.

2. To protect the safety of the community, we will not allow questions and comments that are offensive. This includes questions or comments that are unnecessarily targeting or attacking another person or community. If you are making a claim, please do ensure they are substantiated and genuine.

3. We will not tolerate any form of harassment, bullying or threatening.

4. AGS has the right to remove or edit any of the content on this board if they happen to violate any of these terms.

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What’s Next?

We hope to use your questions as inspiration to design future conversations, to bring together anyone concerned about social issues in Singapore to create new solutions or reframe existing ones!

The SG55 Questions initiative is part of our #ReimagineSG campaign.

A Good Space hopes to extend beyond just asking questions. We want to actively encourage citizens to be more active in the nation building processes as well as within their own communities. We are using these questions as inspiration to design future discussions, events, workshops and programmes. We wish to connect and bring together anyone concerned about social issues in Singapore to provide fresh insights on current issues or to reframe existing solutions. 

Please do follow us to stay updated!

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